Amadeus, this name suggests a born musician and in fact that is true! Over the last fifteen years, Amadeus pursued his dream and stood behind the decks where he has been spinning and playing live from major clubs and festivals as well in smaller bars and underground locations. Because of this, Amadeus is seen as a well respected artist in the Amsterdam underground club scene.His instrumental career started as a child by playing the classical violin but he gave up on this instrument in his teen years. After a couple of years playing the electric violin in several rock bands he decided to chase his dream to stand behind the decks. Since 2015 Amadeus has been performing and presenting a Live set playing several live instruments alongside his hardware and digital gear. Besides that he is known and praised for his House,Disco & Eclecticism sets, With his love to put old music into a new glamorous dodgy jacket Amadeus created his own groovy sound: eargasm!